Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Arbitrage Prep Centre?

What does FBA stand for?

What happens after I send my goods to you?

Who decides what prep is needed for my goods?

How will I know when my goods arrive with you?

What happens if my goods arrive damaged from the retailer/wholesaler?

As experienced sellers ourselves we have extremely high standards when sending goods to Amazon.  If goods arrive with us and they are damaged or unsuitable for sale we will inform you via your private communication channel which you will assigned when you join Easy Prep UK.  You will then need to contact the retailer and arrange a return.  If the retailer offers a collection service we will repackage the item and await the collection from our premises.  Alternatively you can arrange a return through a courier who is able to collect from our address.


Message us that you would like to organise a return to the retailer/wholesaler, provide details of the items, we will then package into a box and provide the dimensions and weight of the box so you can organise a collection for your return. parcel2go, Hermes service is usually the cheapest option.

Who creates the shipment for Amazon?

Do you need access to my Amazon Seller Central account?

What happens if my goods don't arrive?

How long before my goods are shipped to Amazon after they arrive with you?

Is there a waiting list to join your service?

It will all depend on the time of year.  We generally have a waiting list to join the service in Q4 and we will limit our members during this busy time to ensure that we will manage our members expectations efficiently.

How much does your service cost?

Why do you charge a monthly membership fee?

What happens if I don't use my free 50 units in a month?

Is there a minimum amount of units I can send to Easy Prep per month?

No, we do not have a minimum order however you do get 50 free units per month in your membership so we would advise being able to utilise these. You will find 50 units get used very quickly even if you are just starting out.

How often do you issue invoices for your services? 

How much does it cost to send the goods to Amazon?

Amazon FBA returns?

You can use your address at the Prep Centre for Amazon FBA returns. We can then consolidate the returns and provide box dimensions and weight so you can organise a collection to have them sent to your home/business address or we can dispose of FBA Returns if you wish.


Just add FBA returns to your FBA worksheet as you would a normal order "Clearly marked FBA RETURN' so they can be checked in and temporarily stored.


This is an additional service which is chargeable.

Why are your services plus VAT?

Should I use a Prep Centre if I am just starting out?

Do you accept pallets?

Is there a maximum amount of units I can send to Easy Prep per month?

Do you offer a Bundling or Multi-Packs service?

Do I have to live in the UK to use your service?

As you are sellers yourself on Amazon, how do I know you will not steal our deals?

Do you reuse the boxes my purchases will come in?

How do I join Easy Prep UK?

Just visit our pricing section and select from our Standard or VIP service.  Once we have received your subscription then we will send your joining pack within 24 hours which everything you need to get started!

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